Conduct Civil Construction Skid Steer Loader Operations

Our Skid-steer loader course, also known as a bobcat, is designed to give students the knowledge and practical experience necessary to complete skid-steer operations across many construction sites within Australia. We offer this training in smaller classes to allow everyone the opportunity for sufficient practical training with our dedicated trainers.

A skid-steer loader is a small rigid-framed machine consisting of lift arms used to attach a wide range of attachments and tools. A skid-steer is available in many sizes therefore can be used for a variety of tasks ranging from smaller domestic jobs to larger construction site jobs making it a very versatile machine.

The course content will provide students with the skills to plan and prepare a job for skid-steer operations, conduct pre-start and post operational checks, complete skid-steer operations using a variety of techniques, load and transfer materials efficiently, choose and fit the appropriate attachments for the task in hand, prepare a skid-steer for relocation between work sites and finally maintain a clear hazard free work area.

Our extremely knowledgeable trainers at Gallmac will provide written and practical teachings to all students at our onsite facility in Brisbane. The course content will include, but is not limited to the following;

  • Health and safety legislation, Australian standards and company policy and procedures
  • Hazard identification, environmental issues and control implementation
  • Routine operational checks of a skid-steer loader
  • Operating a skid-steer using various techniques
  • Characteristics, capabilities and limitations of skid-steer attachments
  • Maintenance checks and isolation procedures
  • Relocation of a skid-steer loader
  • Earthworks and load estimation
  • All forms of workplace communication
  • Documentation relevant to skid-steer operations

On successful completion of our skid-steer training, students will have the ability to conduct the following;

  • Identify and report potential hazards in the workplace such as operator fatigue, weather conditions and unstable ground conditions
  • Monitor hazards continuously to ensure the safety of all personnel onsite
  • Asses the risks and implement the necessary control measures to avoid such hazards from reoccurring
  • Carry out all routine operational checks including pre-start, start-up and shut down checks
  • Complete skid-steer activities using various techniques to back fill, excavate and strip different materials
  • Select, fit and remove various attachments such as forks, blades, saws and rotary hoes
  • Choose the relevant personal protective equipment for the work being carried out
  • Maintain all plant and equipment associated with skid-steer activities
  • Detect faulty equipment and isolate according to workplace procedures
  • Prepare a skid-steer for relocation between work sites observing all traffic requirements
  • Calculate safe working loads to ensure safe loading and unloading of materials
  • Effectively communicate with all workplace personnel and ensure communication equipment such as signs and two-way radios are adhered to
  • Comply with all health and safety obligations and workplace policies and procedures
  • Document relevant information related to skid-steer operations

The successful candidate will have the ability to conduct skid-steer operations in a safe and efficient manner and in compliance with all obligatory regulations in multiple job sites across the country.

Our highly skilled and flexible trainers at Gallmac will ensure you are confident in your abilities to gain employment across many industries including the construction and mining industries.

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