RIIMPO319A – Conduct Backhoe/Loader Operations

RIIMPO319A – Conduct Backhoe/Loader Operations

The purpose of our ‘Backhoe Loader’ course is to provide students with the skills and hands-on experience to safely carry out backhoe loader operations across many work sites in Australia. Our backhoe training is run in small classes giving students adequate time for their practical training with our exceptionally knowledgeable trainers.

A backhoe loader is a heavy-duty machine similar to a tractor fitted with a bucket on the front and a backhoe to the rear. Backhoe loaders are extremely versatile and can be used on construction sites for several different tasks including digging holes, breaking asphalt and transporting materials. There are numerous attachments available such as extending devices, rippers and rock breakers making this machine very adaptable across many work sites.

This training will teach students how to successfully plan and prepare a job for backhoe operations, conduct all routine operational checks, operate a backhoe using various techniques, load and transport materials safely and efficiently, choose and fit the appropriate attachment for the job being carried out, relocate a backhoe to a designated location and lastly maintain a clear hazard free work environment.

This course material will be taught by our knowledgeable and enthusiastic trainers through written and practical teachings at our onsite location in Brisbane. The course material will include, but is not limited to the following;

  • Health and safety legislation and company policies and procedures
  • Hazard identification and environmental issues
  • Risk assessment and control implementation
  • Operating techniques of a backhoe
  • Routine operational checks
  • Maintenance duties and isolation procedures
  • Relocation of a backhoe
  • Traffic management requirements
  • Earthworks and load calculations
  • Written, verbal and visual communication in the workplace
  • Soil characteristics and compaction

The successful applicant will have the skills and practical experience to exhibit the following;

  • Identify potential workplace hazards and report accordingly to maintain a safe and secure work area
  • Continuously monitor possible hazards to ensure the safety of all personnel on site
  • Assess the risks and implement the necessary control measures using the hierarchy of controls
  • Carry out before and after operational checks such as pre-start, controls and shut down checks
  • Operate a backhoe using techniques best suited to the ground conditions and attachment capabilities of the machine
  • Complete various backhoe operations including trench excavation, back filling and loading dump trucks
  • Recognise the characteristics and functions of backhoe attachments
  • Understand the capabilities and limitations of the machine and its attachments to ensure efficiency onsite
  • Select the appropriate attachment for the task in hand and be capable of fitting and removing it when work is completed
  • Carry out maintenance checks on both the backhoe and its attachments and isolate according to site procedures if faulty
  • Relocate a backhoe safely between work sites observing all traffic requirement codes
  • Estimate safe working loads and earthwork calculations
  • Communicate effectively with machine operators and all other workplace personnel and ensure proper use of communication equipment such as two-way radios and signage

On successful completion of this training, students will be proficient in their backhoe operating techniques and health and safety obligations to carry out work on many construction sites across the country.

At Gallmac our exceedingly supportive and knowledgeable trainers will ensure you are confidently prepared for all employment opportunities that come your way.

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