TLILIC0010 – Licence to Operate a Slewing Mobile Crane

TLILIC0010 – Licence to Operate a Slewing Mobile Crane

At Gallmac, our Slewing Mobile Crane course was created to give students training in the knowledge and skills in operating a slewing mobile crane (up to 60 tonnes) in a range of different working environments.

A Slewing mobile crane is a mobile crane that can be rotated, incorporating a boom that can be equipped with various lifting gear such as chains, ropes and sheaves. The primary use of a slewing crane is to raise and lower loads in a horizontal level around its axis.

This course will teach you the importance of planning and preparing a job for slewing crane operations, performing before and after operational checks, setting up a crane according to site procedures, transferring loads and finally the shutdown procedures and safe securing of the crane.

All aspects of this course will be taught by our highly skilled and experienced trainers and assessors through written and practical teachings at our onsite facility in Brisbane. The course content will include the following;

  • Capabilities, limitations and operating techniques associated with a 60 tonne crane
  • Rated capacity and working load limit calculations
  • Routine checks, maintenance and isolation procedures
  • Ground suitability and conditions relevant to setting up a crane
  • Effective workplace communication
  • Setting up and operating a crane according to site policies and procedures
  • Using appropriate equipment for lifting and transferring loads
  • Hazards, risks and related documentation when operating a crane
  • WHS legislation, Australian standards and regulations relevant to crane operations

The successful candidate will have the skills and experience necessary to conduct the following tasks;

  • Lifting gear workloads and crane rated capacity estimations through mathematical calculations
  • Interpret the suitability of ground conditions when setting up a crane
  • Identify potential hazards and apply appropriate measures of control using the hierarchy of controls
  • Understand the capabilities and limitations when operating a crane with a capacity of 60 tonnes.
  • Conduct crane movements in accordance with safe working loads and rated capacities
  • Document relevant information such as incident reports and maintenance records
  • Report any faults related to the crane and associated equipment and isolate in accordance with site procedures
  • Conduct operational routine checks including shut down procedures
  • Complying with all relevant safety legislation, standards and site policies and procedures
  • Use effective verbal and written communication in the workplace and ensure appropriate communication techniques are adhered to such as two-way radios, whistles and signage

On successful completion of this course, students will have acquired the necessary skills to safely operate a slewing mobile crane, with a capacity of 60 tonnes, across many work sites in Australia.

Our highly experienced trainers and assessors will ensure you are confident in your capabilities of operating a slewing crane using the many techniques displayed throughout your training.

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