RIIHAN309A – Conduct Telescopic Materials Handler Operations

RIIHAN309A – Conduct Telescopic Materials Handler Operations

Gallmac have developed a comprehensive training plan for our ‘Telehandler’ course providing students with the skills and knowledge necessary to conduct telehandler operations across many work sites in Australia. We provide training in a small class setting and, in some cases, a one-on-one basis giving students adequate time to complete their practical training which is imperative on all work sites.

A telehandler is a crane like machine consisting of a telescopic boom that can extend upwards and outwards, fitted with a lifting attachment on the end. What makes a telehandler so versatile is the multiple attachments available including buckets, forks and winches making it an extremely productive machine on any work site.

At Gallmac, our experienced trainers will teach you how to plan and prepare a job for telehandler operations, conduct routine operational checks, operate a telehandler using various techniques, select and fit attachments suitable to the task, carry out maintenance on a telehandler and its attachments, prepare a telehandler for relocation between sites and lastly maintain a hazard free clear work environment.

All elements of this course will be taught through theoretical and practical teachings at our onsite location in Brisbane and will include, but is not limited to the following;

  • Hazard identification, risk assessment and control implementation
  • Health and safety legislation, standards and codes of practice
  • Routine operational checks
  • Safe operating techniques of a telehandler
  • Characteristics and functions of telehandler attachments
  • Capabilities and limitations of lifting gear and slings
  • Personal protective equipment and communication equipment
  • Maintenance and isolation procedures
  • Relocation of a telehandler
  • Site documentation relevant to telehandler operations
  • Safe working load calculations
  • Methods of communication in the workplace

The successful candidate will be proficient in carrying out the following duties;

  • Identify and manage potential workplace hazards such as overhead powerlines, operator fatigue and unstable ground conditions
  • Assess the risks associated with telehandler operations and implement the necessary control measures to prevent hazards from occurring
  • Carry out routine operational checks such as pre-starts, control checks and shut down checks
  • Complete telehandler activities safely and efficiently over various ground conditions
  • Recognise the different attachments and lifting gear available and understand their capabilities and limitations
  • Fit and remove various attachments suitable to the job being carried out
  • Select the appropriate lifting gear and personal protective equipment required for the task in hand
  • Conduct maintenance checks of the telehandler, attachments and safety equipment and report accordingly
  • Isolate plant and equipment if faulty and document according to work procedures
  • Calculate safe working loads to ensure the safe and efficient transportation of materials to out of reach areas
  • Communicate effectively with all workplace personnel and ensure communication equipment is in place such as barriers and two-way radios
  • Effectively communicate with the dog man to ensure the weight of the load is safe and the appropriate lifting gear and slings are in place
  • Comply with all relevant health and safety regulations and site policies and procedures

On successful completion of this training, students will have the skills and hands-on practical experience to safely conduct telehandler operations on many work sites within the construction, manufacturing and mining industries to name a few.

Our highly knowledgeable and experienced trainers at Gallmac will ensure you are confidently prepared for all telehandler employment opportunities that may arise in the future.

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