RIIMPO320B – Conduct Civil Construction Excavator Operations

RIIMPO320B – Conduct Civil Construction Excavator Operations

Gallmac have created a comprehensive training plan designed to give students the skills and hands-on experience necessary to conduct excavator operations across many worksites in Australia. We offer this course in a small class setting and in some cases on a one-to-one basis giving you a more personalised learning experience with our highly knowledgeable trainers.

An excavator is a self-propelled heavy-duty machine that can be either tracked or wheeled. It consists of a boom with a bucket attached can rotate 360 degrees around its structure. It can perform many duties including digging trenches and holes, clearing sites and transferring materials for the preparation of a site for construction. An excavator is a versatile machine due to its many attachments and can be used for a range of projects from small domestic jobs to larger mining jobs.

This course will provide students with the ability to plan a job and prepare a site for excavator operations, carry out routine operational checks, complete various excavator tasks, choose and fit attachments relevant to the job being carried out, maintain all plant and equipment, relocate an excavator between job sites and finally ensure a clear work area.

All elements of this training will be taught by our experienced and competent trainers through theoretical and practical teachings at our onsite location in Brisbane. The course content will include, but is not limited to the following;

  • Hazard identification and environmental issues
  • Risk assessment and control implementation of all excavator operations
  • Health and safety legislation, standards and codes of practice
  • Safe operating techniques of an excavator
  • Routine operational checks
  • Characteristics and functions of the various excavators
  • Capabilities and limitations of excavator attachments
  • Maintenance duties and isolation procedures
  • Relocation of an excavator
  • Earthwork calculations
  • Communication in the workplace including written, verbal and visual

The successful candidate will have the skills and capabilities to carry out the following;

  • Identify and report potential workplace hazards and monitor hazards continuously to ensure the safety of all workers
  • Implement the necessary control measures using the hierarch of controls to avoid hazards from occurring
  • Conduct pre and post operational checks including pre-start checks and shut down procedures
  • Complete excavator activities using various techniques including trench excavation, cutting and boxing, and stockpiling
  • Recognise the various attachments available including buckets, lifting equipment and rock breakers and understand their capabilities and limitations
  • Carry out maintenance checks on plant and equipment, if faulty isolate and report according to site procedures
  • Prepare an excavator for relocation between work sites adhering to relevant traffic management requirements
  • Use effective forms of communication in the workplace and ensure communication equipment such as barriers, signs and two-way radios are in place.
  • Calculate working load limits to ensure the safe excavation and transportation of materials
  • Comply with all obligatory legislation and work policies and procedures

On successful completion of this course, students will have the knowledge and practical experience to operate an excavator within many construction sites in compliance with all relevant health and safety legislation.

Our highly supportive and experienced trainers at Gallmac will ensure you are confident and site-ready for many employment opportunities that arise within the construction and mining industries and beyond.

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