Dogman Ticket

This dogman ticket course is a competency-based program that allows students to complete both the formal and informal requirements of the license, all at Gallmac Training’s training facility, or your workplace. We will supply all paperwork needed to obtain your Workplace Health & Safety High Risk License, including a learner’s guide, worksheets and activity books, a logbook (which is a training plan), and written and practical assessments. We have our own crane and all other resources required to complete your dogman ticket course, and can bring this machine and resources to your workplace, by prior arrangement.

Working with cranes can be dangerous. Due to this, workers are required to undergo the necessary training. It is important to undergo Dogman ticket training to avoid potential damage to equipment, infringement notices issues by WH&S (in Queensland) and to avoid causing inconvenience to clients. This course is competency based. It consists of small number of hours, during which time you will become competent at both the theoretical and practical aspects of the course. We recognize prior experience in this course, and understand that some people may require more or less time than others to complete this course. There are no additional fees for those that require more time than others. Gallmac Training’s program will guarantee that you learn everything you need to know about this line of work. The requirements of Doggers, in order, on a workplace are as follows:

  • Calculating or identifying the weight of the load

  • Communicating with the crane driver on the crane’s capabilities and capacity

  • Choosing the lifting gear

  • Inspecting the lifting gear

  • Applying correct slinging techniques

  • Directing the operator of the crane, in relation to the movement of the load.

In addition to the practical skills you will gain in this Dogman ticket course, learners will also gain the mathematical skills required to identify the working load limits of ropes, flexible steel wire ropes, chains, and soft slings of various sizes. They will also learn what defects can, and will, prevent the safe use of lifting equipment.

Students enrolled in a Gallmac Training Dogman ticket will not only learn skills related directly to dogging, but also learn about site safety, and safe working practices in various work areas. Students will be able to identify and control hazards they encounter in the workplace, and how best to control them. The Hierarchy of Control will be heavily taught, allowing students to recognize the sequence of steps they should take when trying to control hazards.

By searching Google, you will find many options for undergoing a Dogman ticket course. So why go with Gallmac Training? At Gallmac, we strive to make the course enjoyable, engaging and have both our trainers and students be enthusiastic about the program. In addition to our great service, we will beat any price in Brisbane.

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