EWP Ticket

Gallmac Training is offering the most affordable and most enjoyable courses for mobile boom type elevated work platform (EWP) with a boom length over 11m. This training includes both the theory and practical skills required for working with an EWP, as well as the knowledge and skills to operate safely in the workplace, the ability to identify and control hazards, and paperwork needed to complete your EWP Ticket . We will supply all the paperwork needed for this course, including worksheets, activity books, learning guides, and a logbook (which is a training plan), as well as both the written and practical assessments. We have our own brand new Haulotte EWP ticket and all other resources required for this course available at our training facility or, by previous arrangement, your workplace.

Over the duration of Gallmac Training’s EWP Ticket program, learners will gain the knowledge required for safely operating an EWP, such as how to identify the maximum wind velocity the machine can operate in, and the minimum protective gear required for working with an EWP. Participants of this program will also gain the skills needed to identify workplace hazards, and put control measures in place (as per the Hierarchy of Control). Students will learn to undergo all routine checks including prestart, post start checks and post operational checks. Students will also be able to identify and complete the logbook of a machine, and understand the logbook’s purpose.

Working with EWPs can be dangerous, and is a high risk ticket. Therefore training is required to avoid damage to the machine and associated equipment and, above all, to keep the operator and nearby personnel and pedestrians safe. By undergoing training, workers can also avoid causing inconvenience to their clients and receiving infringement notices from Workplace Health & Safety. Learners who complete the EWP ticket program through Gallmac Training will not only learn information relating to the machine itself, but also how to inspect equipment such as harnesses, how to identify and control hazards and safety precautions for working near power-lines such as safe distances, the purpose of tiger tails and when to use a spotter.

Gallmac Training offers the best service in Brisbane for the best prices. We offer flexibility, both in location and time. We guarantee to deliver the training you need to receive your EWP ticket as quickly as possible. We strive to make our courses as enjoyable and engaging as possible, to ensure that our learners are enthusiastic about the program.

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