Excavator Ticket


Experienced Operators                     1 Day               Excavator Ticket Course

At Gallmac Training we offer a training course for experienced Excavator operators only. There will be half a day formal training (classroom) which will include theory, Power Point presentation, and DVDs followed in the afternoon with both the theory and practical assessments.

On successful completion of this course you will gain a Nationally Recognised Unit of Competency, RIIMPO320D. This is your excavator ticket or license and will enable you to operate an excavator in any quarry, mine site or civil construction site in Australia.

Inexperienced Operators                  3-5 Days          Excavator Ticket Course

Gallmac Training also offers an Excavator Course for beginners in order for inexperienced operators to obtain their Excavator Ticket .

In this course the student will learn general construction site safety, excavator terminology, hazard identification, prestart and post-start procedures, operating procedures such as loading trucks, bulk excavation, lifting loads in crane mode, backfilling, shut-down procedures.

This course is competency-based with a nominal number of training hours required, which means that you need to do enough hours until you become a competent excavator operator. Everybody’s learning abilities are different therefore some participants may finish the course before others. There are no extra fees for students that need more time on the machine. There are no discounts on fees should less time be required.

To summarise in order to gain your Excavator ticket and the nationally reccognised qualification (RIIMPO320D) the student will learn the following skills:

  1. What potential hazards are, how to identify them, how to assess the risk of injury and the likelihood of injury happening, control measures that can be applied to remove or minimise the threat the hazard presents
  2. Planning and preparing the task
  3. Conducting routine pre-operational and post-operational checks on the machine
  4. Operating the machine
  5. Lifting, carrying and placing materials
  6. Selecting, fitting and removing lifting equipment and attachments
  7. Relocating the machine
  8. Carrying out machine operator maintenance
  9. Cleaning up the worksite

At Gallmac Training we offer flexible training to suit your needs, including evening and weekend courses. Alternatively, we have courses starting every day, seven days a week.

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